Fast and simple


All you need is EU driving licence

Standard EU driving licence B category, is sufficient to drive all vehicles on our sit.


Are there any mileage limitations?

There are no limitations, but please keep in mind for longer trips:
Motorcycles - in renting price  250km is included, zfor each starting additional 250km you need to pay extra fee - 10€
Twizy - included 120km, each additional 50km is 25€


What about gasoline?

All vehices are fully fueled upon pick-up. Upon return we expect the same - mening, you tank what you use.


How is with insurance

All vehicles are insured. When driving take care of yourself, vehicles are our concern.

Upon pickup you need to deposit 150€ which can be done with credit card as well.


What if I choose EV

If you choose  Renault Twizy you get Slovenian charging card for charging EV at all public locations, free of charge. Car is using stadard 230V socket but you get Adapter for all charging stations in the area.


In case of accident?

We provide assitance for all vehicles. Broken or damaged vehilce is picked up, you get replacement vehicle for remainig time or you are delivered to desired location. 

Simple right
You enjoy driving, the rest is taken care of.